About Us

I'm Rafael León Esteban, a Spanish citizen from Cadiz migrant parents, born in the Southwest of France, in the Béarn.

Since childhood I've been around French cuisine. My wife, of Basque-French origin, instilled in me the love for products of the land, so I myself began to get accustomed to French foods such as sausages, foie gras, and all derivatives of duck and various meats.

For a long time it was a dream to set up a business  in which to I'd be able to sell and market these type of products which are unknown throughout much of Spain.

Through hard work and persistence, I decided to take the step in founding Chez León, a place where you'll find some of the products that both myself and my family have fallen in love with.

In future we'll add more products to the website, especially some from a place close to my heart: the province of Cadiz, with wines from the Jerez region, tuna products, cheeses and sausages from the Sierra, and many, many more!


Delicatessen Distributor - Direct from France

La Linea de la Concepcion - Campo de Gibraltar - Cadiz - Andalusia

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